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Datawatch and Tableau Partnered


Datawatch Corporation has partnered with Tableau Software to help business analysts make faster and better decisions. With Datawatch Monarch natively supporting Tableau’s data format (TDE), user productivity skyrockets because they can now independently access, manipulate and blend any kind of data from virtually any source, in a fraction of the time that it takes using spreadsheets and brute force.

The partnership also benefits Tableau partners by enabling them to deploy customer projects faster with reusable and automated preparation processes. Partners can offer increased service engagement opportunities with Datawatch by delivering a comprehensive enterprise solution including governance for self-service analytics that spans data retention, auditing and masking.

“Tableau helps people to see and understand their data. Yet, preparing and blending disparate data often takes longer than the data analysis process,” said Dan Kogan, Director of Product Marketing at Tableau. “This partnership will enable faster decision making from the widest variety of data sources in minutes or hours, not days or weeks.”

Access to a wider variety of previously inaccessible data is another significant advantage for Tableau users. Datawatch is unique in its ability to access and prepare data from semi-structured sources such as PDF files, web pages, log files, JSON, telemetry data, print spools, text, CSV, EDI, and even BI reports created by third party tools and legacy systems.

“Better decisions come from analyzing the right data. Unfortunately, this data is not always accessible or in a format that Tableau can accept. In fact, it is estimated that only 12 percent of enterprise data is used today to make decisions. Datawatch and Tableau aim to change that by unlocking all of the data needed,” said Dan Potter, chief marketing officer at Datawatch.

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