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Nexenta and ATTO Technology Introduce NexentaStor MetroHA Stretch Cluster


Nexenta and ATTO Technology today jointly introduced NexentaStor MetroHA. Nexenta’s award-winning software now supports MetroHA configurations to deliver unparalleled availability, scalability and performance across multiple data centers.

Figure 1-Typical NexentaStor MetroHA Deployment with 2x ATTO FibreBridge 6500 NexentaStor MetroHA serves as a stretch cluster a cluster configured with host systems located at multiple sites allowing data to scale across different floors, buildings or cities, located up to 50 kilometers apart. The high availability and data mobility that stretch clusters offer provide the connectivity needed to load balance on-site or between two sites, delivering predictable availability during failure events. If a failure occurs at one site, there is continued workload availability and disaster recovery can seamlessly be carried out from the second location.

This proven solution gives data center managers the ability to protect business critical applications and eliminate the risk of data loss. MetroHA synchronously mirrors data between sites and ensures that in the event of a total site disruption, data services are restored at the secondary location or remote site within a matter of seconds, without any data loss.

ATTO’s FibreBridge 6500 Storage Controller, which supports the MetroHA, currently has more than 25,000 deployments worldwide with a failure rate of less than 0.1 percent, improving up-time by 75 percent on average and ultimately, significantly reducing maintenance costs. An accelerated engine maintains priority for data transfers and eases the workload of attached central processing units (CPUs), increasing process efficiency. The controller allows multiple nodes to attach to the same group of storage, streamlining server commands and increasing scalability.

NexentaStor is Nexenta’s flagship OpenSDS platform that delivers unified file and block storage services for demanding storage infrastructures by increasing flexibility and scalability, simplifying data management and dramatically reducing costs without sacrificing reliability. NexentaStor has been deployed by more than six thousand customers globally.

“Software-defined storage was a key requirement in creating a successful stretch cluster and as the market leader, Nexenta was the clear choice,” said Thomas Kolniak, Director of Products at ATTO Technology. “Nexenta’s technical superiority and comparatively low cost added tremendous value. NexentaStor allowed us to deliver the highest levels of scalability, reliability and data integrity, eliminating the geographic constraints of the past.”

“Our Open Source-driven Software-Defined Storage solutions maximize flexibility and choice for our customers. By partnering with ATTO Technology, we continue to expand the set of enterprise applications that can benefit from Nexenta solutions” said Thomas Cornely, Chief Product Officer at Nexenta. “With zero data loss and continuous operations in the event of site failures, NexentaStor MetroHA is designed to meet the most stringent availability requirements of our enterprise customers.”

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