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LDRA India initiates Industry-Wide Safety-Critical Platform

by CISO Connect

LDRA Technology Pvt. Ltd announced it will drive joint technology and development initiatives towards a safe and secure India. LDRA plans to initiate the LDRA Partner Alliance, a gathering of like-minded partners who will bring their technologies together into an integrated safety-critical platform that fully complies with stringent industrial standards. By establishing coherent best design, development, and verification practices on one platform, the LDRA Partner Alliance will usher in a safer, more secure tomorrow for development of several verticals including cyber security within India.

By establishing a common safety-critical platform, LDRA India paves the way for economic growth. In addition, the Indian government plans to invest over $7 billion in specified projects covering urban surveillance, critical infrastructure protection, mass transportation security, maritime security, and private security initiatives. The LDRA Partner Alliance will explore mutual growth opportunities and focus on catalyzing synergies within the industry to facilitate such growth.

Industry reports indicate that, while the embedded software safety and security market foresees significant growth, a shortfall in skilled manpower provides an ongoing challenge in reaching this potential. Building on the “gold standard” of the avionics industry, which boasts the most mature software quality and safety standards, LDRA hopes to guide other industries, such as rail, medical, industrial, and automotive, to recognize that quality code reduces risk, improves maintainability, and returns higher profitability for a company.


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