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VT MÄK Chosen to Deliver Simulation Software


VT MÄK (MÄK), a company of VT Systems, Inc. (VT Systems), today announced that Raytheon has chosen MÄK’s simulation and logging products, VR-Forces and the MÄK Data Logger, to support Raytheon Air and Missile Defense Operations Center (ADOC). Raytheon will use VR-Forces as the simulation engine to support ADOC operator training and mission rehearsal and the MÄK Data Logger to record and replay simulation data. Raytheon will utilize VR-Forces’ Remote Control API to integrate VR-Forces into the ADOC.

“Despite a crowded field of competitors, Raytheon has chosen MÄK’s VR-Forces as the simulation engine for its Air and Missile Defense Operations Center,” said Dan Schimmel, CEO of VT MÄK. “Raytheon’s purchase and confidence reinforces MÄK’s value proposition of offering a flexible, extendible, and agile simulation solution.”

VR-Forces is MÄK’s simulation platform used to fill virtual environments with urban, battlefield, maritime, and airspace activity. The MÄK Data Logger is an easy-to-use system for capturing and replaying simulation data.

VT MÄK (mak.com) develops software for distributed simulation. Leveraging a strong foundation of COTS software products, MÄK works with customers to build and populate compelling 3D simulated environments. Our primary users are in the aerospace, defense, and transportation industries, yet our products and services can help customers anywhere modeling and simulation is needed to train, plan, analyze, experiment, prototype, and demonstrate. MÄK is dedicated to serving our customers by building flexible products, offering superior technical support, and innovating new ways to build, populate and view interoperable 3D simulated worlds. MÄK continues to take advantage of new technologies that further the state of simulation. Our products help users link, simulate and visualize their world. VT MÄK is a company of VT Systems.

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