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vADC Available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace


Array Networks Inc. announces today the immediate availability of its vAPV virtual application delivery controller on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.As virtualization and public, private and hybrid clouds continue to expand their
footprints within the business landscape, businesses are finding an increased need for solutions that allow applications to scale in the face of a rapidly increasing,and demanding, user base. By proxying and intelligently load balancing traffic across
multiple virtual servers, Array’s vAPV virtual ADCs give customers deploying on Microsoft Azure the ability to significantly enhance the availability, performance
and security of cloud-based services.Many enterprises are moving toward a virtual approach to network functions to gain
agility and operational efficiencies, while reining in CAPEX and OPEX. As noted by Gartner, “Businesses should move from a model of physical devices allocated to specific applications, to one that takes advantage of physical, virtual and cloud-resident
service elements to support the new device/browser/cloud-centric environment.”The availability of Array’s vAPV virtual application delivery controller for Azure enables these new deployment models by providing essential network functions on
a platform designed around portability, orchestration and utility pricing. Deploying Array’s vAPV on Azure, businesses gain the flexibility of cloud and virtualization while retaining the performance and control of enterprise-owned and operated datacenters.
“We are excited to join the Azure Marketplace and offer application delivery solutionsoptimized for the Microsoft cloud,” said Mr Paul Andersen, Director of Marketing  at Array Networks. “This new deployment model is another important step towards Array’s vision of supporting mission-critical applications across enterprise data centers, and private and public clouds.”The Array vAPV virtual appliance has been tested and verified for compatibility with Azure, ensuring both reliability and ease of deployment and integration. Perpetual,
monthly and yearly subscription licenses are available directly from Array to provide flexibility that is in line with the elasticity of the Azure platform.

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