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Splunk Delivers Security Analytics and Threat Prevention


Splunk, Inc. announced Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Enterprise Security (ES) are at the heart of an expanded security operations center (SOC) for Integra. Integra’s SOC is utilizing Splunk ES to detect, prevent and respond to attacks, and to provide customers with 24/7 security analysis for the Integra network and services. Integra is also using Splunk Enterprise to enhance its operations in ways that will deliver significant benefits to customers.

“Security of the network is critically important to our customers. For many of them, security is the primary reason why they choose to work with Integra. They want their data and communications services delivered on a network that has a level of security that goes beyond what other providers and the public Internet can provide,” said Steve Fisher, vice president of network planning and security, Integra. “Splunk software is playing a central role in helping Integra’s SOC and our suite of services set the highest standards for protection against threats, thanks to Splunk software’s ability to perform real-time and historical analysis for massive volumes of data. That helps enable Integra to ensure an exceptional level of threat neutralization and incident response rate.”

Splunk Enterprise and Splunk ES help enable security teams to detect, prevent and respond to internal and external attacks by analyzing machine data streaming from security technologies, such as endpoints, servers and networks a dynamic that creates significant challenges for legacy security products. The end result for Integra and its customers is higher detection rates for threats, faster responses to emerging security situations and more effective shielding from security issues that create downtime and operational interruptions for other companies.

Integra’s IT team also uses Splunk Enterprise to minimize downtime and deliver business value in IT and network operations. Teams monitor, analyze and visualize data from nearly all critical IT systems. Integra’s use cases include application delivery across all internal applications, capacity planning in VMware environments with the Splunk App for VMware, and monitoring and troubleshooting the company’s Microsoft Exchange environment.

“The telecommunications industry faces a big data challenge as it grapples with immense datasets streaming off of networks 24/7. Splunk technology shines in these environments, where a single platform uses the same data to support multiple use cases and deliver value to distinct teams and departments,” said Shay Mowlem, vice president of product management, Splunk. “Splunk solutions can help telecommunications companies like Integra accelerate service delivery and provisioning, improve the customer experience, strengthen their security posture and reduce fraud. We are excited to be helping Integra protect the business and increase revenues.”

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