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Sparta Systems Releases Latest Version of Stratas


Sparta Systems, Inc. announced the release of Stratas 1.6, a secure, efficient, compliant solution that adds value for both manufacturers and their partners by providing a collaborative environment to resolve product quality issues. Stratas is designed for ease of use and rapid adoption by critical partners of TrackWise EQMS customers.

Stratas helps diminish the likelihood of adverse quality events by seamlessly connecting the quality processes of manufacturers and their partners, and enables consistent benchmarking of suppliers and contract manufacturers through embedded analytics and reporting. It also reduces errors and loss of critical information that can result in non-compliance, and drives stronger process regiment and shorter response times, delivering substantial efficiency and cost savings improvements.
With the 1.6 release of Stratas, the solution adds even more features and functionality to ensure fast and sustainable partner adoption, including partner-initiated use cases such as Nonconforming Material Report (NCMR), a workflow process that allows partners to notify customers of a nonconformance issue, and track the progress and exchanges between the partner and customer as the NCMR is moved to resolution

Improvements to the user interface to facilitate collaboration between manufacturers and their partners to quickly resolve quality issues for all participants on the Stratas network

The addition of Effectiveness Check Functionality to CAPAs for NCMR and Complaint processes, which can be automatically generated in Stratas from a CAPA item

A reconstructed Complaint Process, including specific activity buttons, to improve usability and consistency with all other Stratas processes.

Additionally, Sparta has added embedded data visualizations and pre-configured charts to provide partners with visual representations of their organization’s performance in the following areas:

Average Cycle Time bar graph represents the number of days that it takes items (sorted by type) to complete their workflow.

On Time Performance line chart shows the tendency of an organization to complete items before or on the due date.

Total Process Counts bar chart displays the number of items opened in a month.

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