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SAP launches institute for digital government


SAP has launched the SAP Institute for Digital Government alongside five other foundation partners – the Australian Catholic University, Australian National University, European Social Network, International Social Security Association and National Disability Insurance Agency.

The institute was established to spur public sector innovation. In collaboration with government agencies, universities and partner organisations, the institute will facilitate innovation through digital technology for deeper policy insight and improved service delivery.

The goal is to develop a deeper understanding of how digital transformation can enable the creation of public value.

SAP Institute for Digital Government director, Brian Lee-Archer, said the institute has concentrated on developing its social protection capability during 2015 and will expand to cover other areas of government such as future cities and national security in 2016.

“Social protection is one of the highest touch points for a government with its citizens and innovation through digital transformation will contribute to improved social and economic outcomes. The Institute looks forward to working with client organisations and our partners around the world,” he said.

National Disability Insurance Agency head of technology authority, Marie Johnson, claimed the organisation recognises that the SAP Institute for Digital Government will stimulate cross-sector collaboration that will yield insights and thought leadership into the spectrum of opportunities and challenges that arise in the digital era.

“It is impressive to see the launch of a think tank with a focus on how digital innovation can transform social protection. Public social services organisations are under continuing pressure to deliver efficient and effective services in rapidly changing social and economic conditions,” European Social Network chief executive, John Halloran, said.

International Social Security Association secretary general, Hans-Horst Konkolewsky, believes that social security requires increasingly innovative digital solutions to provide effective and quality services to citizens.

On the other hand, Australian Catholic University director of the learning sciences institute, Professor Claire Wyatt-Smith, welcomed the partnership with SAP to help generate new knowledge to inform policy and practice improving the well-being, learning and life chances of young people.

“We have depth of expertise in data analytics, digital support for decision making and complex service delivery that we will harness for this collaboration with SAP as it works to support the development of digital government processes relating to social protection,” Australian National University college of business and economics research associate dean, Professor Shirley Gregor, added.

Moving forward, the institute, together with its partners, will be developing programmes of collaboration activity in areas such as innovation in using predictive analytics in real-time decision-making and policy development.


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