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REvil Ransomware Group Reveals Information about US Cyberattacks


On the Telegram channel known as Russian OSINT, the REvil ransomware gang was interviewed.

The JBS Foods ransomware attack’s perpetrators claim they had no intention of targeting US-based businesses. The Sodinokibi REvil ransomware gang further stated that it was not concerned about being dubbed a cyber-terrorist outfit.

REvil’s positions were revealed in an early Friday interview on the Russian OSINT YouTube and Telegram channel.

The cybercriminal gang initially focused its efforts on undisclosed Brazil-based organisations, according to the brief Russian-language interview. According to the REvil source, the gang was attempting to stay away from the United States and companies situated in the United States.

The anonymous REvil gang member added in the interview that, in light of US moves and posturing in retaliation for the JBS Foods attack, the group will immediately lift the ban on striking US targets.

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