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Recognising Security Excellence at ‘Infosec Maestros Awards 2015′

by CISO Connect

Dynamic changes in information security landscape have created the job of a CISO / Security Leader a mammoth task. Paramount importance of information security in any organization has also put today’s CISOs in an alerting mode at 24 x 7. Unprecedented increase in quality & quantity of security threats have added another pressure for these security professionals. Confronting the unpredictable and unnatural incidents in information security threat landscape is undoubtedly a Himalayan task. And that’s exactly is the expectation of every organization from their IT security leaders. The multi-dimensional and multi-vector attacks have forced CISOs to rethink and redefine their strategies. Execution of security projects have become much more thoughtful and innovative in nature, which in turn promise to create multi-layered and strong security environment.

INFOSECURITY LIVE understands the amount of pressure, CISOs tackle and level of hard work they commit to their organization. Despite of such pressure and challenges, CISOs have come across a long way with the best effort and inovation they have shown during their tenure. Industry can bot deny this hard fact and can not even put them under shadow. INFOSECURITY LIVE has created a massive platform where these unsung, unheard and unseen heroes stands together and presented to the nation with their bouquet of innovative thoughts and unmatched talent. ‘INFOSEC MAESTROS Awards’ platform is now ready for the year 2015 and nominations are invited from such passionate leaders across the nation, across the verticals to open up their minds. INFOSECURITY LIVE presented some astonishing bright minds in the year 2014 and has come back with much bigger effort to bring brightest minds and recognise security excellence in the year 2015.

Are you passionate about information security? Are you leading the responsibility of securing sensitive business and organization data in your organization? Have you performed more than what your management expects from you? Have you introduced better innovation in your security projects? Have you made your organization’s business approach more secure without compromising with business scale? Have you secured business data with total control?

Then no more delay. Log on to: http://www.infosecmaestros.com today and nominate yourself to be recognized among very few of the nation. Let your innovation open up the sleeping minds of corporate world and be identified as one of the topmost leaders.

Ignite your thoughts and let’s the true CISO come out of your mind…


Nominations: Tanu | +91-9818005558 | tanu (at) infosecuritylive (dot) com
Sponsorship: Jitendra | +91-9818305558 | jeetu (at) infosecuritylive (dot) com
Speaking Opportunity: Roy | +91-9342101919 | roy (at) fanaticmedia (dot) com

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