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“Our R&D Team is Strategically Working on Database Repairing Tools”

by Jeetu onlyjeetu

Alok Gupta, Managing Director, Unistal Systems


The most critical asset today is information in the form of data. Losing data will mean losing business worth millions. The loss of important data can cause fall down of businesses, leaving you and your enterprise in the most evil situation to face. But the same can be recovered with Data recovery softwares and tools says Alok Gupta, Managing Director, Unistal Systems in a freewheeling chat.

Q1. Unistal is involved in developing products for over a decade. What has been your experience over the years and how do you see the Indian market maturing?

Unistal has completed seventeen years of product research and development in the field of data Security, data recovery and data care products. Indian market was technologically advanced and highly price sensitive. With time it has matured and now customers are ready to spend on their data security needs with the increasing internal and external threats to the business.

Q2. What are the global trends in this space and where does India stand?

End Users were not ready to spend initially and used to get the data recovery done from experts whenever they landed to crises situation. SMB and large enterprise spent on anti-virus/ internet security. In last 5 years looking at internal and external threats, organizations have started to protect themselves from data theft by installing Data leakage prevention and user activity monitoring tools.

India is one of the leaders in data recovery/ data security space and more needs to be done in internet security space as no Indian company has made an impact globally in Internet security space.

Today customers are thinking to move towards cloud computing. Thus, moving towards more insecure environment as their data will be stored outside their premises. So more security products needs to be evolved for cloud computing. Government has also become aware about security threats and has supported the industry with new cyber laws. Government needs to bring more lucrative policies for companies working in the area of data security and data recovery. They should not be treated apart from other application software development companies.

Q3. What is the level of awareness among the enterprises on data recovery and processes?

Now most of the enterprise organizations have awareness of data recovery and their processes when it comes to logical recoveries. Today data recovery starts from desktop data recovery to servers, raid servers, tape drives etc. to email repairing, file repairing and password recovery. They are dependent on companies like us to deliver effective solution to maintain business continuity. Physically crashed hard drives recovery is also among one of the expert services we provide which cannot be done by organizations themselves.

Q4. What are the various challenges you face in this space technically and business wise?

These days only those companies can survive who have strong backend teams. While designing a software solution, we always have to ensure that it should have minimal complexity, ease of maintenance, reliable, compatible with the latest operating systems and compliant to current industry standard. Also, it should be better than the competitors with maximum expected deliverables.

Q5. Tell us more about Unistal Data Recovery labs and its activities.

Unistal’s In Lab Data Recovery Service recovers data from the most severe and complex data loss cases. Unistal’s data recovery service not only recovers data from worst logical crashes but also performs recovery where media is physically crashed or hardware is not functioning. Our data recovery services are available 24x7x365. We do Data recovery for different types of media and operating systems including servers.

Q6. What is the latest on the on research and development front?

Our R&D team is strategically working on database repairing tools for SQL Server, Exchange Server, and Lotus Notes files conversion to MS-Outlook. We are diligently working on our data security products.

Q7. Unistal offers online data recovery services. How does this function and what are its key features and benefits?

These services are least time consuming and most cost effective methodology to provide instant solution to customers. We give our customers the best possible results in an efficient and convenient manner. Data recovery will be performed online on approval of the quotation. Once recovery is completed client will get the access to their data. Unistal provides this data recovery services through its website www.idatacare.com.

Q8. Tell us of some of your most challenging assignments and how was the same resolved?

Data recovery or automising the process for data recovery is always challenging. Our dedicated teams are always on their toes to make their products or give services in efficient manner. Whenever our clients are stuck with our product or they want latest updates, our support provides immediate remote access & resolves their issues quickly. The most challenging assignment was a corporate company crashed RAID server data recovery at UK, their support center was at UAE while our master lab is in Delhi. We performed the job in 10 minutes after we got a go ahead from the customer. It took 3 days to get the analysis and approval. This would not be possible without online data recovery services.

Q9. What are the various products to hit the market this year and in future from Unistal?

Well, in Data Recovery Products, we will be coming shortly with SQL Server data recovery, Lotus Notes to MS-Outlook conversion enhanced version, Exchange Server enhanced version, Various Passwords enumeration softwares etc. In addition, we would be adding new modules to Protegent Enterprise Security.

Q10. Where do you see the future of data recovery heading?

Data continues to grow at an incredible rate. Despite the best-laid plans, we all know things can go wrong, and this is where professional data recovery comes to the fore. There are major advances being made in the market such as remote recovery services, where experts can access computers or servers over a secure connection—removing the need to ship drives and devices which may contain sensitive information or are too big to move offsite. Assessment tools are also advancing to provide customers with more information about the types of files stored on a computer before a recovery is executed. Data availability tools also enable users to bring data ‘back from the grave’ from unreadable electronic formats, defunct drives or old-fashioned tape backups.


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