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Novell Upgrades Several File Management and Collaboration for Enterprise Business

by CISO Connect

Novell announced several solution upgrades focused on file management and collaboration to address enterprise customers’ need for a secure, productive sharing environment. As organizations become more mobile, social and global, the ever-growing inventory of data requires a sophisticated file infrastructure in order to securely store, share, and manage it all. With over 30 years of expertise in file and networking, Novell is helping companies meet these market demands with updated versions of three trusted solutions: Novell Filr 1.1, Novell File Reporter 2.5 and Novell Storage Manager 4.0.

Novell provides the core file, print, and networking services that are fundamental to any organization. Enterprise mobility has created an ever-present need to keep employees productive in and out of the office, while ensuring the security of sensitive data and documents. Novell is focused on delivering solutions that keep businesses a step ahead of security concerns, while leveraging existing IT assets instead of investing in third-party cloud solutions. Mobility is critical, and just as important is the need to protect organizations from the risks associated with sharing information between users, businesses, and applications.

“Our commitment is to deliver the solutions our customers need to drive their businesses forward, with the peace of mind that they are protected” said Eric Varness, Novell Vice President of Marketing and Product Management. “At Novell we’ve dedicated our resources and invested in the development of functional, secure and productivity-enhancing solutions. We provide technology that works with existing infrastructure to turn the challenges of data and file management into the opportunity to enable a truly mobile and secure workplace.”

Enterprises constantly face new opportunities that require the capability to share, manage and store files securely, and Novell is addressing these needs with ongoing solution development. Most recently, Novell has upgraded three core File and Collaboration solutions, including:

Filr 1.1

Top New Admin Features

  • Improvements to Net Folders: Multiple performance improvements related to indexing, synchronization, and load management. Also: interface and navigation enhancements for added visibility and management.
  • Management of mobile devices: Manage the Filr app on the mobile devices for users in your system. View devices that have accessed the Filr system and wipe the Filr data on specific devices as needed.
  • LDAP Improvements: Improved interface, with a tabbed view, LDAP browser for selecting users and containers in your directory for LDAP configuration, Support for non-unique group names,Filter users and groups on Sync Results pages.

Top New End User Features

  • Mobile App Enhancements (including Windows phone support): New native Windows Phone app, Ability to copy and move files and folders (iOS and Android only), Share using a File Link (iOS and Android only), Thumbnail displays for viewed images, Android mobile client includes integration with Storage Access Framework, which provides users with tighter integration among apps on the device
  • Drag-and-Drop improvements: Easier, more intuitive functionality for adding files to a folder or area (such as the My Files area).
  • Sharing Improvements: Users who are sharing folders and files can modify the share settings of multiple other users simultaneously, and users can distribute a link (URL) to a file which allows authorized users to access that file.
Novell File Reporter Version 2.5 – Top New Features
  • Custom Reports through Database Querying: In addition to the standard report types, you can now generate customized reports by crafting your own database query. The report data is extracted from the scan and generated into a report in delimited text format or a custom report layout via the new Report Designer.
  • Custom Query Report Designer: Custom query report data can be further customized for layout and presentation from a Windows workstation with the Report Designer.
  • Desktop Report Viewer: Stored reports can now be downloaded and viewed from a Windows workstation with the Report Viewer application.
  • Early Access to Analytic Tools in Development: early access to analytic features in a new tool set that can be run from a Windows workstation.
Novell Storage Manager 4.0 – Top New Features
  • Ad Hoc Data Copying: Allows you to copy data across the network while preserving rights, ownership, access dates, and other metadata, without the need for a policy.
  • Pre-copy During Enforce Policy Path: Lets you move files in two stages – closed files first, then open files.
  • SQL Server Database: Customers can now use any version of Microsoft SQL Server-including the free, SQL Server Express. Included is a utility for migrating the policies and other content from the previous (SQLite) database to the new one.


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