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New Generation of Compact Patch Panels from R&M


Swiss cabling specialist R&M is putting a new generation of compact patch panels on the market. These highly user-friendly patch panels can be fitted with 24 RJ45 jacks and occupy one standard height unit of a 19” rack. They are a product of R&M’s years of experience in the construction and design of optimum network distributors in structured cabling systems and in local data networks for offices or small to medium-sized data centers. The patch panels are designed for Cat. 5, Cat. 6 and Cat. 6A copper cabling or for 1 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet transmissions.

The new family of patch panels has an industrial design optimized to meet customer needs with clean lines and even greater ease of handling. The patch panels are available in black or gray as required. The patch panels are suitable for the use of pre-terminated and factory-tested cable assemblies as well as for the classic mounting of installation cables and RJ45 connection modules. The rear cable support is permanently integrated in the patch panel and relieves strain on the cable.

The hybrid lightweight construction of the patch panels out of plastic and metal makes them easy to handle and highly stable. The installation depth of the patch panels is at most 100 mm. This gives the installer plenty of room within the distribution cabinet, which, in turn, simplifies internal cable guidance.

To ensure that users have a good overview within the network cabinet, the patch panels offer multiple possibilities for network administration. The patch panels come with holders for writable paper labels and all connections are consecutively numbered. They can also be fitted with color clips from the R&M security system.

The Cat. 6A version can be retrofitted with the R&MinteliPhy infrastructure management system. With this system, all optical and RJ45 plug connections can be monitored automatically. The Cat. 6A EL connection module (shielded/unshielded) from R&M consists of just two components, the wire guide and the socket part. The copper conductors can be wired in a few easy steps. The product is suitable for the quick installation of local data networks meant to support high-speed applications such as 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

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