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New ‘Mission Commander Strategic’ Software Platform


Mission Commander Strategic (MCS) is an advanced software product developed by Cobham Tactical Communications and Surveillance. For use  in operations such as short term surveillance mobile covert missions and citywide surveillance infrastructures, MCS offers secure access, control and management of complex networks.
With Cobham’s proven track record of innovation and award-winning security behind it, MCS software allows users to share their networks with other agencies without any compromise to their security.

More importantly, MCS takes care of all the encryption, decoding and applications within the software, making the complex networking, simple.

MCS  supports all deployed Cobham wireless products, encoders and decoders. In addition is compatible with selected third party devices. Wherever a user is they can connect to a video asset, such as a camera connected to a transmitter or mesh node, wirelessly, over a secure encrypted network. MCS is split into client and server components – the clients run on workstations in the control room but often run on PCs in other locations on the network. Due to the fully distributed nature of the server components there is no single point of failure. The architecture of the MCS system offers full redundancy. The user has complete control over the asset that they have permissions to access, whereas the network manager has the confidence that the overall network will remain reliable and secure even with multiple users having access. For example, sharing control over a PTZ camera will only give access to that one device, it will not interfere at all with anything else in the network.

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