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Juniper Networks Unplugged Enhanced Version of SRX Firewalls


Juniper Networks announced the availability of Express Path, an optimization capability that delivers powerful performance enhancements to Juniper Networks SRX5000 Series Services Gateways. By boosting throughput to one Terabit per second (Tbps) and drastically reducing latency, it enables the SRX Series to manage massive volumes of data traffic traversing today’s mobile infrastructure and data center networks. Juniper is also announcing new application security capabilities with AppSecure 2.0 for its virtual firewall vSRX, formally known as Firefly Perimeter, to deliver enhanced protection for cloud and hybrid data centers.

With the advent of real-time information analysis, high-performance computing and market data systems processing over 100 billion transactions per day, security devices in these high speed networks must deliver both maximum protection and reliable high performance without compromise. Companies building these networks range from enterprises engaged in high-performance computing, financial services firms conducting high-frequency trading, mobile service providers supporting exponential growth of mobile devices, and cloud providers seeking to secure vast amounts of subscriber data from cyber threats. Although five-nines of availability was once considered adequate, today virtually zero downtime is presumed. Ensuring strong network security at the most dependable performance level has been a challenge, often leaving these organizations to compromise frequently on security for performance or vice versa.

Now with a fast track services path that actively manages the security of traffic flows based on sensitivity of the information and performance demands, the SRX firewall will ensure there are no trade-offs between performance and security. Juniper’s approach will deliver increased available bandwidth and performance with six-nines of reliability, while at the same time assuring the proper prioritization and allocation of security resources for all traffic.

Juniper Networks is introducing new Express Path software for its latest I/O cards (IOCII) that allows organizations to deploy the SRX5000 Series flexibly and efficiently in their networks and secure a variety of applications. The Express Path capability will allow customers to deploy the SRX firewall flexibly and efficiently in their networks for securing both normal and latency sensitive traffic on a per policy basis within the same line card. Unique to Juniper, Express Path software and hardware optimization enables the SRX to identify and prioritize specific types of traffic to be fast-pathed to IOCII hardware, delivering very high throughput and low latency for applications as needed. This empowers companies to utilize security resources more efficiently and yield dramatic cost savings from the reduced configuration. The solution identifies and prioritizes active session flows to receive appropriate security treatment based on the type of traffic.

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