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IP Tracking to be Hidden from Safari and Mail by Apple


Following the implementation of the App Tracking Transparency feature, Apple announced on Monday that user IP addresses will be automatically hidden by default in the Safari browser.

Users will have more control over what their installed apps do with their data, according to Apple. Apple also stated that third-party tracking pixels will no longer be used to spy on Mail users.

Mail, like Safari, hides user IP addresses by default. Apple has also stated that an App Privacy Report will be available under settings.

It will give an overview of privacy-related issues relating to installed apps on Apple devices, such as “how often apps use your contacts, microphone, location, or other data and identifiers”.

App Tracking Transparency was introduced in iOS 14.5 as part of a broader privacy drive by Apple.

It’s a simple update that requires all apps to ask for permission before tracking users across multiple apps and websites.

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