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Innovative CIO Awards 2015: Recognising India’s Most Innovative & Forward Thinking CIOs

by CISO Connect

Considering the limited resources, stipulated time-frame, enormous management pressure and unprecedented expectations from users, CIOs find it tremendous challenging to bring out best of his/her capability. Where you are surrounded by challenges and hindrances, Innovation is the only way, which keeps your head high and enables to meet expectations despite various pressures.

Industry has witnessed different level of CIO awards in last few yers. But this is first time in India, where CIOs will be selected on the merit of the innovation, they have implemented or applied in their IT projects. We strongly believe that innovation is the most prime factor for a CIO, which helps him/her to overcome all barriers despite various challenges. ‘Innovative CIO Awards 2015’ is such a platform where we will introduce the top CIOs across the nation, who have made remarkable excellence in terms of incorporating innovation in their projects and embedding a true IT culture in the organization.

We invite all those CIOs, who believe that they have indeed exhibited real innovation in thier thoughts and projects and have fostered an impressive IT culture in their organizations. Come, nominate yourself and be recognized by India’s leading IT juries as one of the most innovative CIOs in India. This is indeed an exclusive opportunity to be recognized nationally as one of the top-most innovative IT leaders. Log on to http://www.cioawardsindia.com and pen down your experience and IT innovation you have brought into the system, that enabled your organization to compete more effectively in today’s digital business environment.

Last Date for Nomination Submission: May 25, 2015.

Online Nomination: http://www.cioawardsindia.com/

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