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Infor Announces CloudSuite Specialization Program


Infor announced a new Infor CloudSuite specialization program for alliance partners. The new program allows partners to complete a series of requirements that result in specialization credentials signifying applicable training to help customers move to the Infor cloud. Upon completion of the Infor CloudSuite specialization program requirements, partners will receive formal validation and acknowledgement from Infor, which differentiates that alliance partner from other partners relative to their training regarding Infor CloudSuite.

“We are pleased to have alliance partners that are specially trained to help meet some of the unique needs of our customers. This program is designed to help ensure that every customer is able to take advantage of the speed and flexibility of a modern cloud platform, with the added confidence of a trained partner to help guide the transition onto an Infor cloud solution,” said Lisa Pope, senior vice president, Infor.

To qualify for cloud accreditation, applicants must have an existing Infor Partner Network (IPN) alliance agreement and must be in good standing. Eligible partners seeking to participate in the program must complete a four-step validation process consisting of nomination, application, review and award. To begin the nomination process, eligible partners can request a program application from an Infor Alliance manager, who will then provide a checklist of requirements and initiate the process. Eligible alliance partners that have solution experience, have completed the required training and have a successful track record of customer implementations, including assisting customers transitioning to cloud will receive their Infor CloudSuite specialization credential. Partners that are awarded Infor CloudSuite specialization credential will be granted the following entitlements: a Hook & Loop CloudSuite logo and certificate of recognition, acknowledgement in the quarterly Infor Newswire, and will have their specialization highlighted on the Infor Partner Finder.

To date, seven Infor alliance partners have completed all of the certification requirements and have been granted an Infor CloudSuite specialization credential. The seven partners are: Avaap, Advoco, Axsium Group, Ciber, NTT DATA, RPI Consultants and TEAMabsolute.

“Our alliance partners are a critical component of Infor’s cloud strategy. The cloud specialization program is designed to help our partners deliver an extra level of comfort to customers, by allowing them to see measureable proof that Infor is working closely with each credentialed partner to help ensure appropriate training to help customers move to the cloud,” said Lynn Sauder, vice president of Infor Global Alliances. “By requiring each partner to complete specific requirements, Infor and the partner are able to demonstrate our ability to work together to help customers’ transition successfully to Infor CloudSuite.”

This latest program complements the Infor Micro-Vertical Specialization Program, which was unveiled in 2013, to help deliver direct benefits to Infor customers by helping partners capitalize on existing market needs and by making available the latest Infor cloud technology. In turn, these IPN members can be in a position to develop a new compelling revenue stream for their business.

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