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New Infineon Security Partner Network Makes IoT Security Easily Accessible


Infineon Technologies AG leaps forward in bringing security to the Internet of Things(IoT).The company today launched the Infineon Security Partner Network (ISPN) to make proven semiconductor-based security easily accessible to the growing number of manufacturers of connected devices and systems. The ISPN connects IoT security players with outstanding expertise in specific applications and markets. They provide solutions for applications ranging from professional water filter systems to smart homes and industrial control. The partners cover the value chain from design consultation to systems integration and service management.

“Implementing security to protect sensitive data, connected devices and even intellectual property has never been easier,” said Juergen Spaenkuch, head of platform security at Infineon. “The ISPN brings hardware-based security to new application areas. From home appliances to industrial machines or medical equipment security will be a crucial factor the more our world is getting connected.”

ISPN partners are security experts selected according to their specific competence. They contribute their know-how and capabilities through use cases as well as reference designs presented in the virtual showroom infineon.com/ispn and deliver solutions for secured devices and systems in different fields of applications. Germany-based WIBU-SYSTEMS AG, IKV from Taiwan and Beijing Broadstar Info Tech from China already joined the network, to name only a few.

“We help manufacturers of intelligent devices and application providers to better understand the threats of today and tomorrow that can undermine their business,” said Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of Wibu-Systems. “We propose innovative and robust security solutions, and assist in their straightforward implementation; beyond the security aspect, our ultimate goal is to support OEMs in their generation of new revenue growth models through flexible license lifecycle management and software entitlement.”

The increasing relevance of this topic is reflected by market research from IDC which predicts that 4 billion connected people, more than 25 billion embedded and intelligent systems and 50 trillion Gigabyte of exchanged data are expected by 2020. Already today, online devices per 100 inhabitants account to approximately 38 percent in South Korea, 24 percent in the United States and 22 percent in Germany (OECD 2015).

Increased connectivity in the IoT will raise serious privacy, data protection and data security concerns. This is why Infineon and the ISPN in particular strive for developing easy-to-integrate, end-to-end security solutions.

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