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Google Announces Formation of Cybersecurity Action Team to Support Security


As nation-state hacking incidents increase, Google announced the formation of a premier ‘Cybersecurity Action Team’ to support the security and digital transformation of governments, critical infrastructure, enterprises, and small businesses.

The Google Cybersecurity Action Team has already developed a security and resilience framework that serves as a road map for implementing a comprehensive security management programme.

Sunil Potti, VP/GM, Google Cloud Security, at the annual ‘Google Cloud Next ’21’ conference, said “While access to the latest, most advanced security technology is important, the expertise of what it will take to become resilient in the face of today’s risk and threat environment is foundational,”

Google recently announced a $10 billion investment to help governments throughout the world improve their security, and by extension, help enterprises and organisations to do the same.

For today’s hybrid work environment, Google has created ‘Work Safer’ a feature meant to help organisations, their employees, and partners collaborate and communicate securely and confidentially.

Companies can use ‘Work Safer’ to avail the best-in-class security for email, meetings, messages, documents, and more. It provides unique solution that combines Google Workspace’s cloud-native, zero-trust solutions with BeyondCorp Enterprise’s secure access with integrated threat and data protection.

Phil Venables, VP/CISO, Google Cloud, said “For customers who want secure devices, Work Safer includes Pixel phones managed with Android Enterprise, Chrome Enterprise Upgrade, and HP Chromebooks,”

During the Cloud event, Google Workspace also unveiled new security features.

Google said “Client-side encryption for Google Meet, in beta, gives customers direct control of encryption keys and the identity service used to access keys. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Google Chat, in beta, helps prevent sensitive information from leaking outside of your organization,”

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