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Interview: Sanjay Kapoor and Sanjai Gangadharan, A10 Networks

by Jeetu onlyjeetu

We at CIO AXIS, recently spoke to Sanjay Kapoor, VP, Global Marketing, A10 Networks and Sanjai Gangadharan, Regional Director, SAARC, A10 Networks, to understand better the emerging security threat landscape, the current and future trend of advanced sophisticated attacks along with A10 Networs’ vision and mission for India and global security market.

Q. DDoS is an old attacking method but used with new techniques to create high level attacks. How are A10 solutions capable to address this issue?

Sanjay Kapoor: DDoS is indeed an old method, but DDoS attacks are synonymous with volumetric attacks that overwhelm the internet connection to a server. DDoS attacks have however evolved recently and are Multi-Vector. Multi-Vector DDoS attacks use multiple vectors – Volumetric, Network Infrastructure resource exhaustion and sophisticated application layer attacks simultaneously to bring down the weakest link. Multi-Vector DDoS attacks result in contention of limited CPU resources of the DDoS machine. Existing vendors handle this via continuing to add additional CPU and rack units. A10’s Thunder TPS offers a True Multi-Vector DDoS Protection solution by offloading the volumetric attacks to onboard FPGA’s thereby alleviating contention and leaving the CPU resources for the high complexity application layer DDoS attacks.

Q. Targeted state attacks have increased in last few years in multifold. What is A10’s take to prevent such attacks and how can it help governments worldwide?

Sanjay Kapoor: Cyber attacks targeted at state governments, target national infrastructure, confidential data etc. Data breaches of sensitive government data can happen as a result of compromised insider credentials of a government employee. A10’s Thunder CFW: SSL Insight solution can help decrypt internet bound SSL traffic that might be hiding malware, botnets that are known to compromise insider credentials. A10 Thunder TPS DDoS protection solution can also be leveraged to prevent against massive DDoS attacks against state infrastructure.

Q. Isolated security solutions increase management challenges and cost also. How can A10 solutions address these issues?

Sanjay Kapoor: A10’s Security products have full operations management capabilities – configuration, monitoring and diagnostics via A10’s Central Management System called a Galaxy. All of A10’s Security products are also fully integrated into industry leading Security Monitoring tools and frameworks.

Q. What is your stake in Cyber security market space and where do you stand globally?

Sanjay Kapoor: A10 is a marketing leading vendor of DDoS Protection and SSL Visibility solutions globally. Both these products have been deployed by the largest Telecom Service Providers and Fortune 500 enterprises worldwide. The announcement of Thunder CFW is a further expansion of our product capabilities into the Network Security Marketplace.

Q. How crucial is Indian market for you and where do you go from here in next few years?

Sanjai Gangadharan: India is a very strategic market for us both from the ADC and Security market perspective. Our partner foot print is increasing and we are adding customers across different business verticals. There is huge room for growth and we are well-positioned to address the market.

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