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Advanced Security Trends for 2016


ESS DISTRIBUTION, announced the latest trends for 2016 revealed by ESET’s Research Laboratories. With the on-going advances in technology and the rapid growth in the number of connected devices to the internet,more and more people are at risk of experiencing or being targeted by a cyber-attack. This will apply to all types of businesses, industries and sectors. Consequently, security is no longer a concern for a small number of people, increasingly it is something that which every smart user have to think about. Zakir Rangwala, Country Head at ESS DISTRIBUTION, said, “It is important for every smart user to understand the security trait and a challenge for businesses,enterprises and governments to improve data security. ESET researchers predict trends of 2016 by constant monitoring of the security landscape right from mundane to the most complex matters. We believe that, it is possible to protect business data by combining technology, management and education.” Security trends for 2016 shows that for the near future, IoT’s role will become increasingly signif-icant for those businesses that consider informat-ion security as one of the keys to maintain their business operations. Moreover the evolution of ransomware has changed its focus from blocking files to attacking complete devices.The challenge is not only to detect and block or remove such attacks, but also to ensure the continuing availabi-lity of information. In the last few years, a series of attacks categorized as APTs(Advanced Persistent Threats) has been reported. When this terminology is used, it means there were attacks with a more specific objective. 2016 will present new security challenges in the fight against cybercrime. ESET strongly believe that it is possible to protect users and companies by combining technology, management and education in order to achieve the desired protection levels.

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