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Digital Realty launched Direct Link Colo


Digital Realty, has launched Direct Link Colo, a solution that connects customers in Digital Realty datacentres directly to IBM Cloud via SoftLayer’s global Cloud infrastructure platform.

According to the company, Direct Link Colo eliminates the need to use public Internet or invest in private networks, providing users with more control over access to their infrastructure and how their data is routed.

It claimed that by removing third-party carriers, it also simplifies the hybrid eco-system for organisations.

Digital Realty chief technology officer, Chris Sharp, said with Direct Link Colo, customers in Digital Realty datacentres gain access to incredible network performance, including latency as low as 1.5 milliseconds.

“By eliminating the role of the public Internet or the need for costly private networks, Direct Link Colo enables customers and partners to have greater control over access to their infrastructure and services, the speed of their connection to IBM Cloud, and how the data is routed,” he said.

SoftLayer business development vice-president, Jack Beech, said the primary goal in working with Digital Realty on Direct Link Colo is to deliver hybrid computing solutions without compromising on performance and security.

“We have a long standing relationship with Digital Realty and know the team operates to the highest standards. This, combined with our close proximity to many of its co-location facilities, is crucial to delivering the latency we are aiming to achieve,” he added.

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