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BitTorrent Collaboration with Onehub Sync


BitTorrent has followed the practice of peer-to-peer file sharing to distribute large amounts of data since its inception. For a long time, BitTorrent has maintained its peer-to-peer approach for its file sharing, which has worked as an alternative for cloud storage. However, recently the firm announced that it will be forming a partnership with Onehub, a cloud storage system.

BitTorrent Integration with Onehub gives Birth to a Hybrid Onehub Sync allows integration of BitTorrent Sync with Onehub’s online file storage service. This hybrid approach is called by the two firms as a hybrid, peer-to-peer + one approach.

BitTorrent’s partnership with Onehub is expected to offer combined benefits that allow syncing directly between many peers by employing Onehub as a ‘persistent peer’ always available in cloud.

The overall outlook of BitTorrent’s partnership with Onehub is positive. Also, this change has been a long time coming as syncing files has decreased to a great extent and currently, the trend is that only the new changes are synced instead of complete files.

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