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Array Networks Adds Support for Variable-Size ADC Instances


Array Networks announces the immediate availability of an enhanced version of its AVX10650 multi-tenant application delivery controller (ADC) appliance. The second-generation AVX10650 supports 4, 8, 16 or 32 fully independent ADC instances, thereby allowing IaaS providers to support multiple customers or allowing enterprises to support multiple applications or communities of interest on a single appliance. The AVX10650 delivers an optimized balance between number of instances supported and performance of each instance, and allows customers to partition the appliance in a manner best suited to their particular use case. The AVX10650 is available for purchase at either one quarter, half, three-quarters or full capacity – giving customers the ability to purchase what they need today and pay as they go to meet future demands. As an alternative to multiple bare-metal ADC appliances, Array’s multi-tenant ADC appliance provides considerable savings in modern data center environments where reducing space, power and cooling requirements is highly desirable. The enhanced AVX10650 is the only multi-tenant ADC appliance of its kind; by allocating dedicated CPU, SSL, memory and I/O to each instance, IaaS providers can guarantee performance for each customer and enterprises can guarantee performance for each application workload. For example, when divided into 4 instances, each ADC guarantees 28Gbps throughput; and divided into 32 instances, each ADC guarantees 3.5Gbps throughput. Connections per second and SSL transactions per second are similarly guaranteed per instance. To ensure guaranteed uptime for business critical applications, high availability is supported for both AV10650 physical appliances and virtual appliance ADC instances. The AVX10650 meets market requirements for solutions that are increasingly virtualization and cloud-centric. Gartner analyst Mark Fabbi and Joe Skorupa recommend to “move from a model of physical devices allocated to specific applications, to one that takes advantage of physical, virtual and cloud resident service elements to support the new device-/browser-/cloud-centric environment.”* Array’s AVX10650 gives IaaS providers several advantages. First, unlike many multi-tenant ADCs on the market, Array’s multi-tenant instances do not compete for shared hardware resources. As a result, cloud service providers can offer load balancing as an infrastructure service with guaranteed high-performance SLAs. In addition, service providers do not need to rack and stack and manually configure a stand-alone ADC for each new customer. Therefore, new customers or workloads can instead be seamlessly spun up from an automated cloud management system.

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