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Accenture Expands Accenture Innovation Center for IBM Technologies


Accenture is helping global clients take advantage of new liquid, intelligent and connected application strategies to shape their futures by expanding the Accenture Innovation Center for IBM Technologies in Bangalore. Building on a global business alliance relationship spanning two decades, the Innovation Center now offers global clients access to new services and solutions using the latest IBM cloud technologies including Bluemix and interaction with an onsite lab designed to help inspire innovative, scalable open source solutions leveraging faster application development methodologies.

“We have created a unique environment in Bangalore where clients are immersed in the very latest Accenture innovations made possible through the use of IBM cloud technologies,” said Adam Burden, group technology officer, Accenture Technology Delivery. “We offer clients the opportunity to help accelerate theirwebscale systems development and assemble industry-specific and personalized applications quicker through next-generation software engineering techniques enabled byBluemix.”

The Accenture Innovation Center for IBM Technologies in Bangalore is part of a global team of dedicated Accenture practitioners with broad knowledge in IBM software and hardware, supporting over 1,200 Accenture client teams and training over 15,000 Accenture practitioners annually. This helps enable Accenture to deliver a broad range of servicesbased on IBM technologies in the areas of service-oriented architecture for application and middleware integration, business process management, analytics and big data, commerce, smarter infrastructure and Infrastructure-as-a-Service, mobility and security.

“We are delighted with the expansion of the Accenture Innovation Center for IBM Technologies in Bangalore,” said Dr. DanielSabbah, chief technology officer and general manager, IBM Next Generation Platforms. “This is a testament to the mutual commitment and collaboration of Accenture and IBM tohelp drive the digital transformation of our mutualcustomers’ businesses and industries. By leveraging the latest cloud technologies and development strategies we are better positioned to support the innovation of a wide array of companies –from the largest enterpriseto the smallest start-up – at the speed of cloud.”

IBM launched Bluemix with a $1 billion investment in 2014, maturing to become one of the largest Cloud Foundry deployments in the world and providing a developer-friendly catalog of over 120 tools and software-services combining a variety of open source, IBM and third-party technologies. This helps Accenture develop enterprise-class cloud applications at scale faster and increase the speed of the deployment of mobile, analytics and machine-learning (Watson) solutions for clients across all industries.

Accenture is one of the world’s largest technology services providers for IBM software and hardware, with more than 40,000 practitioners worldwide skilled in IBM technologies. Accenture’s leading status as an IBM Technology Premier Business Partner means the company is granted insight into IBM product engineering, research and development, and product road maps which help clients make informed choices.

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